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Welcome to A Snake's Venom Wiki, the organized encyclopedia devoted to A Snake's Venom written by Izzie0086. COMING SOON!

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A Snake's Venom is a fan fiction story of Black Butler written by me, Izzie0086. I do not own Black Butler. All rights go to the original creator, Yana Toboso. No copyright infringement intended, this is all for fun. A Snake's Venom is about eleven year old Charlotte Garrett, whose family is mostly dead and has a mysterious past. After the murder of her beloved step-mother, everything changes. A demon appears to her and says all her wishes may come true as long as she gives something in return, her soul. Her real parents are said to be dead and she is left to be Countess of Garrett Manor, but she is not alone. A new maid named Alice appears beside her as she seeks vengeance against those who did her and her family wrong.

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